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Star Wars AFA 90: A Galactic Grading Standard


Star Wars, the iconic space opera franchise, has captivated fans since its inception in

1977. Among the many ways fans celebrate their love for the saga, collecting Star Wars action figures and memorabilia holds a special place. For collectors, the term "AFA 90" signifies a pinnacle of condition and authenticity, setting a high standard in the world of Star Wars collectibles. In this article, well explore the significance of Star Wars AFA 90 and how it elevates the value and prestige of these cherished items.

What is AFA 90?

AFA stands for Action Figure Authority, a respected grading and authentication service that specializes in evaluating the condition and authenticity of action figures and collectibles. AFA grades items on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible grade. An AFA 90 rating indicates that the item is in pristine, near-mint condition.

The Importance of Pristine Condition:

Star Wars collectibles, especially vintage items from the original trilogy era, are highly sought after by collectors. Items that have been well-preserved in pristine condition are especially valuable. An AFA 90 rating provides collectors with assurance that they are acquiring an item that has been meticulously maintained and cared for.

Authentication and Confidence:

The Star Wars AFA 90 label not only signifies condition but also acts as a seal of authenticity. In a market where counterfeit and tampered items can pose risks to collectors, AFA certification adds a layer of confidence. Collectors can trust that they are purchasing a genuine, unaltered piece of Star Wars history.

Investment and Rarity:

Star Wars AFA 90 items are often viewed as investments. The combination of perfect condition and authentication makes these collectibles highly desirable in the collectors market. As these items become rarer with time, their value can appreciate significantly, making them sought after by investors and enthusiasts alike.

Nostalgia and Display:

For many Star Wars fans, collecting is not just about investment; its about preserving the magic of the galaxy far, far away. AFA 90-rated items offer collectors an opportunity to relive the nostalgia of their favorite franchise. Some collectors choose to display these items as works of art, showcasing the pristine condition and timeless appeal of Star Wars memorabilia.


Star Wars AFA 90 sets the gold standard for condition and authenticity in the world of Star Wars collectibles. It celebrates the legacy of a beloved franchise by preserving its iconic characters and moments in impeccable condition. Whether as investments, tokens of nostalgia, or prized possessions, AFA 90-rated Star Wars items continue to enchant collectors and fans, reminding us all of the enduring magic of the Star Wars galaxy.

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